About us

The TWD approach is simple, fast and effective.

At our clinic we make health and fitness achievable for the ordinary person. We do this by applying effective, simple strategies that revolve around two key areas:

1. Clinical treatment, based on Osteopathic musculoskeletal therapy

2. Diet, based on sound nutritional principles.

Our corporate workshops deliver the key components of what we have observed to be the most effective strategies we use in the clinic every day.

What this means for you:

You will learn our ‘top ten’ techniques to relieve neck and shoulder pain, and low back pain. Our simple postural correction method for optimal seated and standing posture. Our most effective exercises that strengthen key muscle groups to prevent pain and improve fitness.

Once these concepts are implemented, you will have the tools to get fit and stay fit. Less time in pain means you get more time doing the things you want.